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30 March 2002 @ 08:50 pm
Sales Post  
Thanks for stopping by! I received sales permission at [info]pkmncollectors from lineaalba.

All items except customs are open to haggling. Items without a price listed are open to offers. I will hold if asked but won't if left hanging.
I'm in the US but will ship anywhere as long as you understand you may have higher shipping expenses. I will do everything in my power to get your items to you in the best condition possible. If I discover at the post office that I have significantly overcharged you shipping, I will refund you the extra.
I accept Paypal. I also accept money orders, but your item(s) will not be sent until I actually have the money.
When sending payment, please include in the notes section your lj name and what you ordered to help me avoid confusion! Do not send Paypal payments as a gift!
I ship typically once a week. I will notify you when your item(s) have gone out if you like. Feedback may be left or viewed here (please also view my previous feedback as I do not have a lot yet on the new system).
All items come from a smoke-free home. We have a turtle, but he's nowhere near my collection.


Leafeon Canvas Plush - AUCTION (see comments) - starting at $45! Auction will end Friday, November 1st at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific)
like new, displayed only

Entei Pokédoll (2010 USA tag) - $17
Suicune Pokédoll (2010 USA tag) - $17
Raikou Pokédoll (2010 USA tag) - $17
all like new, displayed only

Sawk Pokédoll - (2011 USA tag) - $13
Throh Pokédoll - (2011 USA tag) - $13
both like new, displayed only

Emolga Pokémon Center Plush - $8
Petilil Pokémon Center Plush (no hang tag)- $5
Minun Hasbro Plush (2004, no tags) - $2
Emolga and Petilil like new, displayed only; Minun lightly loved

Pokémon Christmas Ornaments (4th gen) - $4
box is somewhat crumpled but contents are new

Pokemon Colosseum Bookmarks - up to 3 free with other purchase or pay just $1.60 US / $2.25 international (fee and shipping, basically). I STILL HAVE A LOT OF THEM.

I got these from a nun, no lie.

Thank you very much!
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