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15 May 2013 @ 12:18 am
I'm doing chibi badges like this:


They are not limited to furry characters; they just seem to be most popular in that fandom. I'd equally be up for doing ponies, Pokémon, humans...

Anyway it's a cute fox boy named Cookie eating his namesake

people come up with interesting things
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13 May 2013 @ 09:00 am
I'm watching Star Trek TOS and there's a character named Dr. Donald Cory

that is literally one letter off from my doctor's name

don't mind me just slightly weirded out while watching this
30 April 2013 @ 04:44 am
The Wacom Cintiq. An expensive dream tablet that allows artists to draw directly on a display. The closest digital experience one could have to drawing on paper.

I wanted one for longer than I've known my boyfriend. I wanted one going into college, and my mom said to wait until after I graduated. Now a year after finally earning that diploma, Wacom has just released the new Cintiq 13HD. After much deliberation, I decided to buy one. It arrived last Wednesday.

For $999, I basically expect perfection. Wacom's prices are inflated for what their products actually are, but their grip on the market is solid, especially for display tablets. Sadly, so far I have experienced an annoying bug with the tablet and have received no useful responses from Wacom's tech support or social contacts. My own research after encountering the problem has shown this same issue was present in previous display tablets... not to mention the Cintiq 13HD is brand new and has no business having "known issues" upon release.

I can still return it. I'll be fairly heartbroken if I have to because in every other respect, it has been an amazing experience. But I don't intend to let Wacom keep a grand of my money for something that does not work as it should. They've already released a driver that was supposed to solve the problem but did not help one iota.

I am just incredibly disheartened. I even put off doing the last moth painting in the first series to do it on the Cintiq. With the problem unresolved, I'll have to get it done on the Intuos - which, reliable though it may be, just isn't the same as having a real display to draw on.

I dreamed about having one of these so long and Wacom has let me down.

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03 April 2013 @ 02:01 am
So today, I finished painting this:

While I was doing so, my single monitor was set up like this:

This was too crowded. It simply will not do.

I have two options to alleviate my lack of screen real estate, but I'm having trouble deciding which one to pursue.

Option A: Second monitor. The one I would purchase costs $230 and can be rotated into portrait mode. I need that feature because my desk is not large enough for two landscape monitors. This will give me more screen space so I don't have to crowd my references and zoomed-out view together with my working window.

Option B: Wacom Cintiq. I'm interested in the new 13HD, out for sale shortly for $999. This is obviously far more expensive, but it would give me more screen space with the added benefit of being able to draw directly on the screen. It wouldn't need to fit on my desk as a permanent fixture in the same way a monitor would because I'm prone to holding my tablet in my lap while drawing. If I got it and found it up to my expectations, I could also sell my current tablet to recoup some of the costs. I have wanted a Cintiq for many years and suspect it would positively affect my workflow in ways a second monitor probably could not.

I can afford either option, though I'm still hesitant to spend more money than necessary. Anyone have any thoughts? What would you get?

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18 March 2013 @ 09:16 pm
Today, in search of live moths and rare specimens on display, I went in town to the Academy of Natural Sciences with my dad. We both brought our cameras and braved groups of excited school kids to get photos of nearly everything. While the Academy is decidedly small compared to the nearby Franklin Institute, it contained several interesting exhibits including taxidermy dioramas, dinosaur fossils and models, and a room full of live butterflies. I didn't quite see what I hoped to see, but it was still a worthwhile visit.

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All photos © 2013 Mary Capaldi.

16 March 2013 @ 09:02 pm
I'm moving about 75% of my journaling to DW but will use crossposting for the handful of people still with me on LJ and will continue to keep up with friends' journals for the foreseeable future. My dreamwidth is mothheart. I may still occasionally have an original LJ post as needed and will of course use LJ for pkmncollectors when I'm able to participate more.

That is all!
I like to comment when I can, but I don't always know what to say and risk saying something dumb or irrelevant. If you'd like me to comment more often anyway, it is totally okay to tell me that, and I'll try to oblige.
11 March 2013 @ 08:54 am
I would love to just have an entry at some point where I say "HAY FRIENDS, tell me a thing and I will sketch it for you." My plate is a bit too full for that right now, sadly, but I will do it in the future. As much as I need to make money doing this to live... I also like to do little gifts now and then. It means a lot to me to be able to delight people with what I do, whether it's with the end result of a big painting they commissioned or a little doodle in the mail they didn't see coming. I have a few people on LJ, actually, who have had gifts coming to them for ages now... one is half-finished in a bin under my desk because it turned out to be more work than I could handle at once when I first tackled it. But there will be art!

Sometimes I make things and don't really know what to do with them. One example is a set of buttons I did in January based on Japanese mythology:
It's a daruma doll, kitsune, and oni. I don't know whether to actually get them printed or not. I wanted to try to get them done on fabric buttons because I love textured buttons (most nowadays are paper with plastic over it) and because then the daruma design could actually be used like a daruma doll (otherwise I'd print a design with pupils). But if I do, I'd have to find a market. I don't really do anime cons right now, and I have a feeling attendees at those are more concerned about their favorite characters in this or that anime or hentai thing than mythology-type stuff... but I'd really be shooting in the dark to bring them to a furry con. I don't just want them to go to waste, though. I think I did a decent job on 'em.

I've also been drawing a lot for personal projects that are running alongside my more professional ones and commissions. A lot of stuff ends up on my tumblr.

As for life, I've been exercising more and feeling okay about it. It's not very interesting, and I don't like feeling sweaty, but I'm sure it does good things for my mood. I've also been doing a lot of laundry because otherwise it gets backed up since my mom is out of the house so often. I have my license test scheduled for the end of the month and am practicing driving more so I can pass with flying colors and feel more comfortable behind the wheel. I need to clean my room.

I haven't really been actively collecting Pokémon since last year because my income is very unpredictable right now. I'm putting a lot into getting my creative channels off the ground as a career, and I may not be able to spend much on fun stuff for a good while, so I've been avoiding pkmncollectors to keep from feeling tempted or getting annoyed at being unable to buy something cool that's coming out. Honestly, I still need to finish BW2! I've never let a Pokémon game drag on like I have with this one. Every title previous I finished in three to five days. I suppose it's just the way it's going to be for a little while given my life situation, though. I don't think leaving the fandom entirely is anywhere in sight; I just need to take it at a different pace than I'm used to right now. Besides, I do have my Scraggys and Arceuses and a whole zig-zag shelf of miscellaneous plush to keep me company.

I'm actually debating doing more sculpting work a little later in the year when my to-do list is clearer. I haven't offered charm or sculpt commissions on LJ for some time, and they can get overshadowed on sites where I offer everything. I suppose I could always make something popular (an eeveelution's a good bet) to auction off and use that to gauge current custom interest.

Looking forward to spring since there'll be a lot of migrations in the wildlife reserves in our area and bugs coming back. I'm thinking about maybe rearing some moths from caterpillars this year. You can actually order them like butterflies. There are some native species I'd love to see firsthand but never have, like the Royal Walnut moth. In the meantime, Dad and I are planning to go to the Academy of Natural Sciences in town. They have an exhibit called "Butterflies!" which I've read also features some moths. I hope they have an Atlas moth when I go - they're the biggest moths in the world, and gorgeous. Honestly, after learning all I have about moths, I don't understand our cultural emphasis on butterflies as "popular bugs" other than the fact that they come out in the day far more often than most moths. Moths aren't "ugly butterflies," there are way more species of moths, and moths came first in evolution! Maybe I'm just obsessed and this is all a silly thing to worry about.

Sometimes it's a luxury to worry about silly things.
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02 March 2013 @ 10:16 pm
pretty sure the answer is NO GO SOMEPLACE ELSE

eh like I'd have more friends on another site anyway</whine>

I'm never quite sure whether my lack of friends is due to some inherent social deficiency, me not going out and initiating enough interaction with other people myself, or just me being really fucking boring. I mean, what do I do all day? Sit in here and draw stuff. And then at night? Sit in here and talk to people and draw more stuff and play video games. On the weekends? Sit in here because everybody else in the family needs transportation to this or that. No wonder I've been depressed lately. I'm a sack of sit.

I really try not to talk about the depression too often or too early. Only my very closest friends hear about it with any true regularity (even then I avoid bringing it up unless it's hit a certain "okay I need outside intervention" threshold); I don't tell acquaintances or newer friends anything unless there's a very good reason (such as them revealing that they deal with it themselves in a situation where I perceive solidarity might be helpful to them). I am even more guarded about my other issues. I try very hard not to be annoying, awkward, or dumb.

I don't have a traditional "day job," and when I did, I didn't interact with other people there much. Some were annoying, and I avoided them because they caused problems for me; others were kind, but I worked hard on what they gave me to do and had no real cause to interact with them outside rare meetings or group events. I didn't really feel that anyone there was, well, my people aside from one guy in the mail room. I don't purposefully restrict myself to making friends with a certain kind of person only, but I can usually tell when somebody's into what I'm into, which makes them inherently more interesting to me as a potential friend, if that makes sense.

I live in an area where I'm told there are lots of people who like my kind of thing (there are art students in town, there are definitely furry fans in the tri-state area, there are people who like video games and tabletop games and so on). I just... can't seem to find them. Or there are events they go to that I can't go to. I've met lots of people at conventions, sure, but I really only get to one convention a year right now. My aim is to add at least one more this year, and a third next year, but that makes for an awful lot of lonely time in between - and it's not sustainable for the long-term unless I can get this business off the ground.

I'm just sort of rambling at this point anyway. I'm tired of being lonely and angry. I'm tired of pretending I'm not most of the time in order to not scarce people off from interacting with me. I'm tired of being walked all over for favors by my own family and otherwise ignored even by them. My sister was home this entire week for spring break and didn't even talk to me until she needed to borrow a pliers today. I'm just.

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12 February 2013 @ 10:35 pm

and I was getting near the end of season 7 but I wasn't really paying attention to what episode I was on when I hit "Next" on Netflix each time

and everything was good and fine and then Scully was pregnant and suddenly weird shit and Mulder and that psychic kid and what is going on?

Oh. Right. I looked, and I'd just watched several episodes into season 8.


So yeah, I'm uh, out my usual watch-while-working show. Any recs for stuff I haven't seen? I know all of New Who like the back of my hand, I've watched all of Sherlock way too many times... does that leave Supernatural? What else is there? I need me some scifi-fantasy-mystery-aliens-and-entirely-too-seductive-british-people.

Edit: oh uh it helps a lot if it's available streaming somewhere. I don't have cable. Or TV, really. I mean we have -televisions- in my house for watching Blu-Rays and whatever, but that's about the extent remaining of that line of technology around here.