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27 October 2013 @ 12:19 am
collecting pokeymans  
I haven't been visibly active on pkmncollectors (commenting or posting) in a long while since I've been considering what to do with my collecting habit. My love of bugs has extended to bug Pokémon, so I have more or less decided I should refocus the collection. I'm still going to keep a few favorites around (like my pile of Scraggy - can't part with those!), but I think I'm officially gonna start collecting bugs. This means some of my current stash will be needing new homes.

The timing of this decision also comes when my family may be moving to another town within a year. It would certainly be easier to pack up without needing to smush so many plush into boxes. So I'm going to be researching the market and offering my stuff on some combination of eBay and the comm sooner or later unless plans change drastically. I also am going to be doing more research into what is available of my favorite bugs and how expensive that stuff runs.